Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) also known as scampi is a close relative to the common lobster but is considerably smaller and more slender with long narrow claws.  Norway lobsters belong to the category of lean fish. It is particularly rich in iodine, selenium and zinc. It is red - orange in colour which does not change by cooking.

Norway lobster is mainly caught in the waters around Denmark and Sweden. The fishing is normally handled by smaller boats staying at sea for maximum 2-3 days which ensures a fresh product. The lobster lives in self-dug caves on the soft bottom of mud and sand in the Barents Sea at depths from 30 to 800 meters.

Suitable for a large variety of serving suggestions
Norway lobster has a milder taste than the fresh water Crab and the meat has a finer texture than the normal lobster. Norway lobster is suitable for a large variety of serving suggestions and is regarded as a delicacy.