The fleet

The majority of raw material used for our product range is supplied by our own vessels. The vessels fish in Greenlandic waters as well as other parts of the world, all operating under Polar Seafood’s fish licenses.

Factory trawlers

Factory trawlers are big vessels, operated by up to 35 people, and able to process the fish right from catch to a “ready to eat” finished product. The seafood processed onboard the trawler meet the highest authority approved self audit standards for hygiene and quality. All products are frozen and stored onboard until the vessel arrives at port.

Polar Seafood’s trawlers are built and equipped to operate world-wide and are mainly fishing for cold water prawns, cod, saithe, haddock, Greenland halibut and redfish.


Fresh fish vessels

From time of catch until the vessel arrives at port, the fish is kept well iced to ensure the very best quality when delivered to Polar Seafood’s land based factories. At each factory, the laboratory team checks the intake again, making sure that the raw material is still of the highest standard before processing.

 Our fresh fish vessels mainly catch cod, redfish, Greenland halibut, cold water prawns and crab.

The majority of Polar Seafood’s fish and shellfish is landed using our state of the art fleet of large trawlers, built specifically for fishing in the unpolluted Arctic Ocean










 One of the smaller vessels fishing cod and halibut                           Fishing in all weathers                                              



Polar Princess

The Polar Princess is 88m long and is built for fishing and processing cod, haddock, saithe, Greenland hallibut, mackerel and herring.

Polar Seafood - The World of Seafood

With head office in Nuuk Greenland, Polar Seafood is the largest
privately owned fishing company operating in Greenland.
Polar Seafood is one of Scandinavia's key suppliers of a wide range of seafood products suitable for processors,
wholesalers, caterers and retail customers. Cold water prawns, Greenland halibut, Redfish, Cod etc. are caught by
Polar Seafood´s own modern trawler fleet.
Our processing factories in Greenland and Denmark are Higher Level BRC.

Company brochure

Seafood since 1984

Polar Seafood Greenland A/S was established in 1984 as the sales & marketing company for a number of independently owned Greenland prawn trawlers. Today, Polar Seafood is one of the top seafood exporters in Scandinavian and the largest privately owned company in Greenland.

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